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Since 1989, the name INMOR™ is known for products of high safety regulation and reliability due to modern production technology. 
Our product range covers over 11,000 articles (bronze valves and aluminium bronze valves, valves made of nodular cast iron, cast iron, cast steel and stainless steel as seawater valves for civil shipbuilding and industry).

Our valves are suitable as:


  • Seawater valves
  • Industrial valves


The main activity - self production of the marine  valves, marine equipment. 
The name INMOR ® INMOR ® - is a registered international trademark.


Our product catalog contains all of the main types of marine valves used in the construction of the ships.  

The main segment - marine fittings, marine valves produced in bronze and nodular cast iron. 

This site contains the catalog of marine valves and fittings availabling to order. 
The products are certified by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RMRS) and Russian River Register (RRR).


- Ship fittings and equipment in conditions DDP 
- ship fittings and equipment on terms DDU 
- ship fittings and equipment under the terms of DES 
- ship fittings and equipment under DEQ 
- ship fittings and equipment on terms EXW 
- ship fittings and equipment under the terms of CIP 
- Ship fixtures and equipment under the terms of CIF 
- ship fittings and equipment under CPT 
- ship fittings and equipment under FAS 
- ship fittings and equipment on terms FOB 
- ship fittings and equipment on terms FCA

Produced and supplied products range -

► marine shutoff valves and non-return-locking valves prodiced in bronze, nodular cast iron or stainless steel, from DN 6 up to DN 1200

► marine flanged valves, gate valves, ball valves, with  remote control on the basis of various types of valve actuators - pneumatic - electro - hydraulic, in several versions, electro-hydraulic actuators.

► valves with threaded connections to the pipe.

► marine Check valves.

► marine drainage VALVES.

► marine BUTTERFLY VALVES 'WAFER' TYPE prodiced in bronze BODY, NODULAR CAST iron or stainless steel up to DN 1000 (larger DN on request).

►  Different types of fittings, couplings.

► marine Safety valves with bronze body, NODULAR CAST iron or stainless steel body.

►marine Pressure-reducing valves WITH bronze BODY, NODULAR CAST iron or stainless steel BODY.

► marine Oil filters, seawater FILTERS, marine mud boxes, fresh water FILTERS, with magnetic inserts.

► marine Sight glasses flange TYPE, couplingS, in various types, with borosilicate glass.

► Columns measuring a liquid level indicator. Large lengths up to 4000mm.

► Marine thermometers.

► Joints and repair joints Straub'S AND Teekey'S TYPES COUPLINGS for marine pipelines.

► Electric valve actuators FOR MARINE valves, ball valves, control valves; under different voltages (+ 12V, + 24V, + 220V, + 380V), multi-turn, rotated 90º or 180º, with position indicator, with emergency management, with limit switches. 
Pneumatic actuators for MARINE valves, ball valves, control valves, with a razor, WITH manual emergency operatiNGS, WITH position indicator. Installing pressure indicator on request.

► Small dampers with a wide range of loads and operating conditions. For extreme conditions SUCH AS high temperatures up to + 450 ° C.

► Magnetic level gauges, magnetic speaker level and liquid level gauges made of stainless steel and aluminum, with ex protection.

► Flange rubber expansion joints and connectors for liquids, gases and air. 
Different types of rubber -  EPDM, NBR, VITON for most application. Variants with internal vacuum ring for use in the suction line.

► Metal bellows expansion joints and bellows gas exhaust pipe from stainless steel.

► Rope shock absorbers with different load ranges.

► Separators for fuel and oil from WSK international company, poland.